Check In

While walk-ins are welcome during business hours, we prefer a reservation to be made prior to arrival.  Cryosaunas require 15-20 mins to go from room temperature to treatment temperatures.  If we are expecting you, we can be sure this cool down process is started prior to your arrival.

Upon arrival, you will check in at the front desk.  If there is no one at the front desk when you walk-in, just hang tight a minute, we are probably in the cryosauna room with another client.  As treatments only last about 3 minutes, it won't be long until we are out to greet you.

At check-in, you will be assigned a changing room and be given a robe, socks, sandals, and a hand towel.  Especially in the winter, we ask that you remove your shoes in the carpeted front area before entering the back changing/treatment area.  After changing, you can hang out in the lounge area at the back of the space until your treatment. 



In your changing room, be certain to dry yourself completely with the hand towel.  Any moisture will immediately freeze upon entry into the cryosauna and cause a risk of minor frost bite.  There will be a hair dryer available at the front desk if needed.

Socks, sandals, and robe should be worn into the treatment room.  Men must wear underwear to protect themselves from the cold.  For women, underwear is optional.  (For an explanation of this, please see the "What to Expect" section to the right.)  For privacy, you will enter the cryosauna with the robe on and hand the robe over the walls of the cryosauna to the technician as he/she raises the platform so just your head is exposed.  Nothing from your shoulders down will be visible.  After handing the robe to the technician, you will be handed gloves to put on.

After the session, the technician will open the door and hand your robe to you around the side of the door.  The door will act as a barricade for privacy while you take off your gloves and put the robe back on.  Please take care exiting the cryosauna.  There is the possibility of frost forming on the bottom of the sandals and it is important to step on the rug at the base of the sauna for traction.  

After the treatment, you are encouraged to use the exercise bike or elliptical machine to jump start the warming process.  There will also be tea and water available in the rear lounge area.  


What to expect

If it's your first session, you will be walked through what to expect.  The body will react within a range of expected ways, and it's easier to be aware of these likely reactions before entering the cryosauna.  This way, during the procedure, you can bear witness to your body's response in this environment and follow along.  

Cryotherapy is a way of tricking your body into getting a desired and beneficial response.  It doesn't know that it's being placed in this extreme environment on purpose nor that this experience will only last 2 or 3 minutes.  It only knows that it has to survive and it will set off a series of autonomic reactions aimed at doing just that.

The most obvious way that you'll experience this response is through a tingling sensation or numbness of the extremities.  The immediate reaction of your body is a process known as vasoconstriction, the tensing of the muscles around the veins and capillary fields near your skin.  As the majority of your body's heat is lost through convection through the blood, in extreme cold your body will call that blood back to your body's core and protect its vital organs.  So while the skin temperature experiences a significant drop, the core temperature remains largely unaffected.  This is why you must wear the socks and gloves provided to you (and why men must wear underwear), to protect your most vulnerable extremities.

Some individuals will experience shivering, which is simply your body's attempt to create its own heat along with the conservation attempts of vasoconstriction.  

It is important to remember that while numbness is expected, any sharp pains are rare and abnormal.  If you experience any sort of sharp pain, please alert the technician and the treatment will be ended.  Always remember, you are in control of the treatment and if it ever becomes overwhelming in any way, the sauna door can be easily opened from the inside.

Throughout the treatment, communication with the technician is encouraged.  Some people like to talk about what they are experiencing, some people just like to talk about their day.  Whether it's for a sounding board or a distraction, we strongly encourage you to have a conversation with you technician.  It makes it a lot easier.