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Introductory Package


3 Sessions for $90



Single Session / $49


2nd Session - Same Day / $25


MEMBERSHIPS (Monthly Auto-Renewal)*


Silver Membership / 3 Sessions for $99 ($33 per session)


Gold Membership / 5 Sessions for $149 ($29.80 per session)


Platinum Membership / 8 Sessions for $199 ($24.87 per session)


Ultra Membership / 12 Sessions for $249 ($20.75 per session)


*How Memberships Work: To use the Silver Level as an example, $99 is paid up front at the start of the month.  With that, you receive 3 sessions.  Your 4th, 5th, 6th...sessions within each month are charged at the same rate as your membership level ($33 in the case of the Silver Membership).  No Contract.  Cancel at anytime, just email us before your billing date to stop future payments.



5 Sessions / $205


10 Sessions / $375



Gift Cards can be purchased through our online store for any amount.  Click here, then click the tab "Online Store" in the top right of the page and select "Gift Cards" from the sub-menu.  Gift Cards can be purchased for any custom amount and can be sent along with a personalized message to the recipient's email.


(To get the group rate, groups must be booked in advance.  Please call or email to book groups.)


4 - 8 People / $44 per session


8+ People / $39 per session


(20% Discount for Students on All Packages, but not available on Memberships.  Valid Student ID Required.)